PREUP Haute Qualité Silicone Fruits Citron En Forme Moule Gâteau Embosseuse Fondant Chocolat Cookie Moule Livraison Gratuite

panela antiaderente, muffins de mini

Resina De Melamina

Em forma de pão. Restaurant/home/bar. Whphous. Molde do bolo de metal redondo. Estandes de churrasco. Molde de chocolate lolly. Item name: Cake decorating tools baking tools for cakes kitchen accessories. Chocolate, milk, butter furnace. Ciq,ce/ue. Molho de metal copo. Pvc box. 

Descartáveis De Alumínio

Zhejiang jinhua. Is- customized: Firlar. Item: Cozimento de cerâmica. De silicone de alta temperaturType 2: Ta107z5cm. Natural handmade soap mold. Random color. Size: 

Racks De Bacon

Heat resistant. Dh12307. 26921. Type: Mat size: Ferramenta de refrigeração. Pudim de copo plástico. Tabletop / portable. Aisong. Cake transfer plate,moving tray,oven cake shovel. 

Molde Do Bolo Dos Ganhos

Baking tool set. Td006. Wholesale 110cc. de refrigeração do óleo. Tigela de aço inoxidável. Malha de pizza. Oven microwave ovens dishwashers and refrigerators. Mini copos de cozimento. Crafts: Cookies cooler. Net weight: Mesa rotativa vertical & horizontal. Ply17051110. Macarrão ferramenta. Frutas vegtables. Random. 

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We are breaking in to your regularly scheduled photo archives Tumblr to bring you this breaking news:

Blackhawks Fever has hit the Field Museum!

© The Field Museum, GN91892_275d, Photographer Karen Bean.

The Stanley Cup visits FM, SFH (appears as if Sue is drinking from the Cup).

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We are celebrating Bike to Work Week here at the Field. 

What better way to get to get to work, including excavation sites, than on two wheel!

© The Field Museum, CSA67629

Woman, man, bicycle, road, mountain, scenery. Henry Field expedition Spain or France.

4x5 Interpositive 

Taxidermy Tuesday, Turtle. 

© The Field Museum, Z87087.

Snapping Turtle model progress in taxidermy exhibits area.

5x7 negative


Mammal Monday… awwwww look at the little Pudu. Pudu are the world’s smallest deer.

Can we keep it??

© The Field Museum, CSZ47984, Photographer Wilfred H. Osgood.

Pudu, mammal, fawn.

Captain Marshall Field Chilean [Zoological] Expedition Zoology Fauna of central and southern region.

5x7 Interpositive 


Fossil Friday, fossil jacket. Before a fossil can be completely removed from the dig site, a plaster jacket is applied to it to protect it. When the fossil is brought back to the museum the jacket is removed and prep work can begin.

© The Field Museum, CSGEO69575, Photographer Elmer S. Riggs.

Men applying plaster jacket to a Megatherium.

5x7 Interpositive 


Throw back to when the corner stone was laid for our current building in 1917.

© The Field Museum, GN82971, Photographer Chicago Architectural Photo Co..

Cornerstone ceremony, construction of the new Field Museum building. Curators Administration and staff includes Elmer S. Riggs, Albert Buell Lewis, Carl Hubbs [with crewcut] Berthold Laufer, Charles Millspaugh, Henry Nichols, William Gerhardt, Frederick J.V. Skiff, David Charles Davies, Wilfred Osgood, Benjamin Bridge, Stephen Chapman Simms, Fay-Cooper Cole, Bror E. Dahlgren, Charles L. Owen. 276

8x10 negative


Sometimes our descriptions make me laugh, “interesting wallpaper”.

© The Field Museum, CSZ48747, Photographer Alfred C. Weed.

Leopard Ray [specimen of ray] inside room with interesting wallpaper.

4x5 Interpositive 


Mammal Monday, Mammal mystery. 

We don’t have much in the record for this photo but he sure does have some amazing horns. Can you help us identify the animal? 

We will put all of your answers to our mammals curators. 

© The Field Museum, CSZ55603, Photographer Wilfred H. Osgood.

Daily News Abyssinian Expedition Zoology Mammals, Birds Africa Abyssinia Wilfred Osgood, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, Charles Suydam Cutting, Jack Baum, Alfred M. Bailey Start Date: 9/7/1926 End Date: 5/20/1927

4x5 Interpositive 


Fossil Friday, Fossil Feet. 

© The Field Museum, GEO78428.

Astrapotherium magnum Owen feet or foot skeleton Geology specimen P14251.

5x7 negative 


This meteorite crashed through the roof of the garage, the car roof, and the seat of the car before finally coming to a stop.  

© The Field Museum, GEO79610.

Henry W. Nichols, Chief Curator of Geology, and Miss Caroline Ryder, examine the Benld meteorite, which fell in September, 1938, and is only the second such visitor from outer space on record in Illinois. Geology specimen ME2259

8x10 negative